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1) Which president would omylouse be likely to idolize? Um. They're American.
2) What do you agree with samurite about? Most things. To do with computers. Mostly.
3) Is samurite a nerd? Not at all...
4) Thoughts on paceflag? At the moment slightly jealous
5) What languages does heymicster speak? English and Polish and Nonsense
6) What is samurite's favorite color? Not a clue.
7) One thing you can't stand about fizzybean? Oh my God. I can't think of a single thing.
8) Is samurite related to you? No.
9) Has goddesssnoweh dyed their hair? Not sure.
10) What comic book character would heymicster be? Robin. So slashable.
11) Could you see rattieally and paceflag together? Um. No.
12) What song/movie would you recommend to invisigoth51? N/A. To me.
13) What would you do if heymicster died? No clue. Find someone new to molest.
14) What is samurite's favorite food? Don't I'm afraid.
15) Is rik popular? Yeah. I'd say so.
16) What video game does moogly_bear remind you of? Zelda.
17) Is all_five_aces 1337? Yes.
18) Which of your friends should chocojon go out with? heymicster because it's so wrong.
19) What do you disagree with tronella about? Not many things actually.
20) What would rattieally give missing_a_chair for his/her birthday? A hair-bunch. Possibly.
21) Where did you first meet missing_a_chair? Can't remember.
22) What word best describes enigma_o? Fluffy or KITTY!
23) Is chocojon a college student? No. Although also yes.
24) How long would the_smut_fairy dating invisigoth51 last? Total destruction. The world would end instantly. Therefore no time.
25) If invisigoth51 took over the world, who would be happy? Tom.
26) What exotic animal would rattieally like as a pet? Something so cute... not sure.
27) If invisigoth51 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Everyone else. Except Tom.
28) What is rob_is_raze's favorite movie? Pass.
29) If rik took over the world, who would suffer? Stupid people.
30) What would you do if you found out missing_a_chair has a crush on you? Be complimented.
31) If the_smut_fairy and moogly_bear were spliced together, what would be its name? Something I can't begin to comprehend.
32) Do you have all_five_aces's screenname? No.
33) purplesprouting's eye color? Brown.
34) Are heymicster and invisigoth51 married? NO!!!!
35) Does fizzybean go to your school? No.
36) Does heymicster know rattieally? Yes.
37) Does omylouse drink? Yes.
38) One quality you find attractive in toastfiend? I would say fluffy. But then I know the pain that comes with that word.
39) If the_smut_fairy commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Everyone that didn't want to die.
40) How would tronella kill missing_a_chair? With a poisoned go stone.
41) Does just_a_monkey have a crush on rob_is_raze? No.
42) What is fizzybean's favorite band/artist? Not a clue.
43) Does rob_is_raze travel a lot? Don't know.
44) What mental disorder does paceflag remind you of? None.
45) Does just_a_monkey have a big secret? He likes heymicster... shhhh don't tell
46) Where was paceflag born? On Earth.
47) How tall is rik? I'm not good with measurements
48) What would moogly_bear think of fizzybean? I'm not really sure.
49) Would chocojon and rik make a good couple? It would be wrong... but...
50) Is chocojon your best friend? Yes, one of them.
51) Do you have a crush on purplesprouting? No.
52) What is paceflag's biggest flaw? I don't know. I can't think of one.
53) Is just_a_monkey introverted or extroverted? Extrovert. Somehow.
54) Are toastfiend and tronella going out? *giggle*
55) Do heymicster and fizzybean go to the same school? No.
56) Would you wrestle samurite in jello? No.
57) Is omylouse related to rik? No.
58) Is missing_a_chair single? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... *cough*.... No.
59) Does rob_is_raze smoke? No.
60) Would you set up rattieally and the_smut_fairy? Another wierd question. Probably not.
61) Do you think missing_a_chair is hot? Slightly.
62) What rank would chocojon have in a giant robot army? He be some kind of technician. Or mad professor inventing weaponry.
63) Is fizzybean dead sexy? Is there anything I can say here that isn't bad?
64) Does moogly_bear do drugs? Not to my knowledge.
65) Is omylouse athletic? I don't think so...
66) How would the_smut_fairy conquer the world? With Crazy.
67) Are fizzybean and tronella going steady? No.
68) What is the_smut_fairy's favorite game? World Domination. Or Domination World. Thinking of that halloween picture again...
69) Is enigma_o in a relationship? No.
70) Have you ever dated rob_is_raze? No.
71) What is invisigoth51 allergic to? Nothing.
72) What would rattieally do differently in your shoes? I'm not sure.
73) Where would samurite most like to visit? Don't really know.
74) Would you make out with fizzybean? No.
75) If purplesprouting and paceflag were siamese twins, where would they be joined? I have no clue.
76) How long have you known chocojon? Two years ago. And a bit. Ish.
77) Would you ever date rik? No.
78) If heymicster had a superpower, what would it be? Cold Lasers From His Eyes.
79) Is fizzybean an emo? No.
80) If tronella and all_five_aces were spliced together, what would it be like? Tall. Er.
81) If the_smut_fairy were hanging off a cliff, what would omylouse do? Save her.
82) What flavor of jello would toastfiend be? Lemon.
83) How many monkeys could purplesprouting fight at once and win against? Uncountable infinity. Forever.
84) Would goddesssnoweh and samurite look good together? Could be interesting.
85) Would tronella be a better ninja or pirate? I'm sorry. As much as I know you'd prefer Ninja, I just think you could do the accent and parrot better.
86) Is goddesssnoweh friends with tronella? Not in particular.
87) Have you flirted with chocojon? So... Much... Wrong... Brain... Hurts...
88) What color should purplesprouting dye their hair? Purple. Obviously.
89) What planet should all_five_aces be from? Zog. Not the planet. Just Zog.
90) Does rik have a dog? No.
91) Would omylouse go out with all_five_aces? I dont know...
92) Has enigma_o been to your house/dorm? Of course not. Don't be silly.
93) Did just_a_monkey break up with you? Haha...
94) Where was purplesprouting born? Not a clue.
95) When did you last call the_smut_fairy? Never.
96) What animal does invisigoth51 remind you of? An animal that has minions. Possibly a queen bee or something similar.
97) enigma_o's hair color? My God. I'm not sure.
98) What is rik's shoe size? ???
99) Is missing_a_chair a high school student? I don't think so.
100) What animal should enigma_o be combined with? A cat... with really long fluffy hair... and cold lasers coming from it's eyes.
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